Here is our beautiful, hand-cut cypress knees. We have a variety of shapes and sizes, including double and triple pointed knees. Sizes range from 10" to more than 36".

Alligator Products

Here is a list of all of our authentic Louisiana alligator products that range from entire skulls to jewelry made from teeth and claws. All products are from officially tagged alligators from the Louisiana Swamps.

We have a large variety of cypress driftwood recovered from the swamps and bayous around Louisiana. They come in many unique shapes and sizes. 

Our cypress wood has been recovered from the depths of the swamp, having been preserved for hundreds of years beneath the water. 

A Little Piece of the Louisiana Swamp 

About the Swamp

A rich diversity of plant and animal life thrives in the Mississippi River basin’s bottomland. From cypress wood that’s resistant to rot … to cypress knees, Mother Nature’s artistic masterpieces … to alligators and more … Louisiana swamps are a treasure trove of natural resources. 

Our Products:

  • Sinker Cypress
  • Driftwood
  • Alligator Heads
  • Alligator Teeth and Accessories
  • Cypress Knees

Cypress Knees


Sinker Cypress

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